Types of Applications

Planning Permission

Approval from your local council is required prior to commencement of building works. We work closely with the planning department to ensure approval is awarded as quickly as possible. Our years of experience has allowed us to understand the exact council requirements giving you the very best chance of receiving approval for your proposal. Below are the different types of applications that you may need to apply for.

Permitted Development

Permitted development was introduced by the council in a bid to speed up the planning process by guaranteeing approval for extensions that comply with certain guidelines. As a general rule permitted development allow for minor housing alterations such as loft conversions, small extensions and garage conversions.

Permitted development isn’t always as straight forward as it seems as certain parts of the country are exempt as are flats and maisonettes. For this reason, I would always recommend applying for a certificate of lawful development as confirmation your proposal is lawful, this can also become important when it comes to selling your property.

A certificate of lawful development is charged at £103 by the council and will take roughly 6 weeks to process the application. For further details on permitted development guidelines please see; https://houseplans.uk.com/files/PermittedDevelopment-AGuide.pdf

Neighbourhood Consultation Scheme (NCS)

NCS is a temporary application which doubles the permitted development restrictions for single story rear extensions. Until 2019 you will be able to build up to 8 meters from the rear of your property for detached houses and up to 6 meters for all other houses.

On receipt of your application, the council will contact your direct neighbours to determine whether they oppose to your proposal and then provide a decision taking into consideration the comments received. An NCS application is free of charge and will take roughly 42 days to process the application

Planning Consent/Permission

Planning permission is required for all proposals that do not comply with permitted development or neighbourhood consultation scheme guidelines.

New build houses, alterations to the street facing elevation and dividing a house into two or more homes will always require planning permission. Whereas permitted development applications are decided on based on a number of strict guidelines, planning applications are subjectively considered based upon a number of different restrictions which differ from council to council.

A planning permission application is charged by the council at £206 for housing alterations and £385 for each new dwelling. The council aim to process the application within 8 weeks of validating your application, however timescales can be effected by busy periods.

Each of the above applications will require you submit a scaled plan of your proposal and location plan based on an up-to-date ordnance survey map. No matter the route you decide to take, once approval is received from the council you are ready to proceed on to the building regulation stage and commence construction works!.


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