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How long before I can start building?

Once you have appointed your Architect we estimate around 3 months before construction can start. This is all dependant on several factors so please speak to one of our team for a more project specific estimate.

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How long does my permission last?

Once approval is given the council will clearly state the time frame in to which the project must be “started”, most applications must be “started” within 3 years. One of our experienced team will be able to advise on what best action to take if timing is an issue.

What happens if the council refuse my application?

At Freedom we try our very best to ensure the plans provided are compliant with the council’s requirements in every aspect. We spend a great deal of time researching the council’s guidelines and previous applications within your neighbourhood to ensure the best chance of approval, however despite this, we cannot guarantee planning approval for every case. If a refusal notice is issued, the council will outline their reasons in writing and, dependant on their concerns, the plans can be amended to comply and resubmitted for free. The application will have to go through the 8-week process again but if the planner’s notes have been addressed there is a good chance the application will be approved second time around.

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What are the benefits?

Most people opt for home improvement over buying a new house for a variety of reasons. The additional floor space can allow for a new kitchen, a home office, or extra space to accommodate an expanding family and entertain the children. You have complete control of the design so you’re able to add the exact space you need. Furthermore, it is much cheaper than moving to a new house and comes with much less hassle. On top of this, extending your home can be a profitable endeavour. A house with an extension is more valuable than the neighbouring house without it. It also has more to offer a potential buyer and can capture the imagination better with the extra space it has created. It is best to speak to your local estate agent regarding the facts and figures as there are a number of factors to consider.

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Can I move my manhole?

Build over agreement.


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